Meet the Empress

Tracee Thomas is committed to helping people connect to their purpose through the practice of yoga and creative self-exploration.  A certified Yoga instructor, specializing in Kemetic Yoga, an ancient African style of yoga, Tracee has practiced almost every style of yoga and uses the common thread from all styles to make the benefits of yoga plain and accessible to everyone. Her passion for laughter and world cultures guarantee that her classes will be fun, diverse, and welcoming to those who may be a little nervous about the stereotypes of yoga classes. Ms. Thomas also holds a Masters degree in Education with over 15 years of experience as an educator. She is the creator of Empress Movements Wellness Group, an education consulting company that combines the techniques of teaching with the principles of yoga to provide holistic educational services. Empress Movements Wellness Groups offer coaching, workshops, and classes designed to inspire and ignite participants to achieve their highest potential in all areas of life, mind, body, and spirit.